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Written by Valerie Ward. Posted in Anything But a Card, Tutorials

Alrighty, for a bit of somethin’ special or long winded and boring, :B Take your pick! We’re going through the whole process, start to finish.

The very very first step though..is kinda hard to scan/take pictures of, as they’re generally thumbnails scribbled in blue pencil. BUT from that mess, comes our actual sketch which was done on copic sketchbook . Next up, I take my sketch and transfer it to some X-Press paper cause this is a commission and I wanna use even nicer paper.

After I add in a little weight to my lines, I ink. Inking was done with Copic Multiliner SP

Onto the actual coloring and whatnot! Which of course is done with ShinHan Touch Twin Brush markers. I start with the background or rather, start with the masking for the background with frisket film, so I can have some clean stripes. Colors done with CG 0.5, WG0.5, CG3
bg decoration was done with YR26, RP7, and sepia from my Copic Multilienr 0.3 Color Set.

Now once I’m all through I of course take off my frisket and clean up my line work. Onto skin, with YR133, YR26, YR27, R131, R139, RP196, RP137. While I did the face detailing with R5, R18, BG251, B65, BG61, BG5, PB185, PB272, PB183.

Onto hair now, starting with the left girl BR109, Y36, Y49. Most of the blend done with the tip to tip technique.

Onto the other! BR103, BR91, BR92, YR23, Y36 is what I used here.

Onto the clothes, starting off with the right character, as she’s gonna have a fair amount of blending needed with gray and black. But I also pulled some of the color from her eyes to give a bit more pop to the outfit.

BG251, B65, CG0.5, BG5, BG7, CG9, 120, is what I used.

Onto the other, much easier, as she’s got lighter clothes. I used BR109, Y35, Y49, Y44, WG0.5, WG1, WG2.

Last part of course, some extra detailing with Copic Opaque White, and a little bit of colored pencil for some extra details as well.

And here we are at the final post~, I decided to step down from my post at MP, but don’t fret, I still got plenty of doodles in me~.



Coloring With Hikka! Week 49

Written by Hikka. Posted in Eye Candy (Projects), Tutorials

I won’t lie…my own birthday distracted me this week. BUT! I got a little somethin’ somethin’.

Just a sketch I had lying around, decided to play around with grayscale again. Drawn on copic sketchbook and inked with Copic Multiliner SP + cool gray and of course shaded in with some ShinHan Touch Twin Brush markers.

 I started off with just inking the hair, was mostly giving super duper high contrast a try, so I didn’t line everything right off the bat, just wanting to keep my focus one place at a time. So I start off with 120 for the major part of the hair. While some parts were done with tip to tip blends of CG0.5, BG3, BG7, BG9.

Then to add in some more details, part of the top was done with CG9, while the stars and collar were shaded in with ink. The headband was inked with black and cool grey. Also, there is a veil, which some of the hair was under, so i of course used my colorless blender to create the transparent look with CG0.5 and a tiiiny tip to tip blend of CG0.5 and BG3. Then for quick decoration, CG9, CG7, BG7, BG3 and CG0.5 for the circle background.

 Then for a bit of sparkle, I added in a little bit of Copic Opaque White and did some color pencil in the eyebawls.


MarkerPop! Challenge #61: Valentine’s Day

Written by Valerie Ward. Posted in Challenges

It’s time for Challenge #61, and what better theme this time than Valentine’s Day?!

MarkerPop Challenge #61


Create a project using your Copics, ShinHans, or any other marker that we carry!

You may play along with other challenges, but excessive challenge pile-ons (more than 10) will result in disqualification for our amazing prize. As always, have fun creating!


THE PRIZE:  Sherri Baldy My Besties Clear Stamp – Butterflies and Hearts

One entry will be chosen at random to receive our prize. Three additional entries will be chosen for the ‘Top 3′ based on their amazing coloring skills. The prize winner and top three can all proudly post their brag buttons on their blogs for the world to see!

Entries are due by Sunday, February 8th, 2015 at noon EST.  Winner will have TWO weeks to claim their prize.
International winners will be responsible for shipping costs if they choose to claim their prize.


Hikka’s using ShinHan Touch Twin Markers to color her pretty, hand drawn (yes, hand drawn!) image today:

  • Colors: Face, body- RP196, RP138, R11, RP7
  • Ribbons:- R8, R11, RP7
  • Headdress: CG0.5, BG1
  • BG: P146, PB77, RP89, pastel

She drew the image with Copic Mulitiliners onto X-Press IT Blending Card Paper.

Along with the ShinHan markers, she also used  ShinHan Touch Twin Pastel Markers to color.


White accents are painted with Copic Opaque White Pigment.



And she finished it off with some Zig ClearWink of Stella.


Ok, crafters! Let’s see YOUR Valentine’s Day projects, and happy crafting!

Coloring With Hikka! Week 44

Written by Hikka. Posted in Eye Candy (Projects), Tips & Tricks, Tutorials

The fat unicorn returns. :U AKA, I’m lazy at the moment, and didn’t wanna work on print things. So you get this doodle instead.

Drawn on X-Press paper and inked with Copic Pen 0.3 Color Set and colored with ShinHan Touch Twin Brush marker.


And also for more randomness, I wanted to give stippling a go with markers. This might turn out weird or really awesome, LET’S FIND OUT

Glass first, using a mix of RP138, RP198 and RP7 I of course will layer my dots lightest to darkest starting with RP138 then a layer of RP198 and RP7 at the bottom of the glass. The foam is colored with RP137, RP9, RP17 and I follow the same sort of idea, although the darkest parts here are closer to the unicorn, so I don’t blend too much with what’s in the glass. The rest of the glass is done with BG1 and BG3 for a bit of shading. Which is also on the horn and hooves of the unicorn. :B


Onto the fruits and stuff! Colors being R8, R10, R3, GY166, GY48 and GY47 and again, followin’ the same sort of rule of thumb. Though with the parts that go behind the glass will be far lighter.


Onto the unicorn! P145, P146, P83 (mane) and B171 though I decided to fade the dark from the top down of the mane and the wings the darkest is closer to the unicorn and goes lighter as it goes out.


And now a bit of Copic Opaque White done much in the same fashion. :B



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